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The big city flavours of Montreal's best smoked meat from Montreal's top deli - that's Satisfaction!


Now from the most successful Montreal smoked meat franchise - Dunn's Famous, in business since 1927 - the smoked meat that makes memories!


SATISFACTION is what Montreal smoked meat is all about. Montrealers know the feeling of biting into a juicy full-flavoured Dunn's Famous smoked meat sandwich piled high on rye, chased by a crisp sour pickle, with crunchy sweet and sour cole slaw. Mustard is important. A slab of cheesecake polishes it all off. Man, that's eating!


Take in Montreal flavours - order a smoked meat brisket for an evening with your family and friends. Serve it the Montreal way - steamed, on rye with mustard, with sour pickles.  Match it with one of our cole slaw recipes. Enjoy!


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Dunn's Famous has served the finest smoked meat sandwiches to discriminating Montrealers since 1927 - a tradition of excellence.  You know that you will enjoy Dunn's Famous Montreal Smoked Meat - time after time.

Point of Pride: Dunn's Famous Montreal Smoked Meat is prepared according to the original marinade perfected by Myer Dunn and approved by Montreal's demanding clientele over the last 80 years. 


Dunn's Famous Montreal Smoked Meat is vacuum-wrapped to seal in the flavours and deliver your Montreal smoked meat fresh and ready for your enjoyment.

You can serve smoked meat in many appealing ways - as an omelette filling, as a breakfast bacon, on a deli platter with other meats, as an enhancement to steak.  Feature it at a celebration or special event.  Keep some around for a snack. Or - share the excitement - offer a Dunn's Famous Montreal Smoked Meat brisket as a gift to someone special!  Try these ideas!

We make customer service our number one priority
.  We always have a steady supply of inventory on hand.  We ship items either the day they're ordered or the next business day (Sat-Wed) to anywhere in Canada via Express Canada Post - in order to preserve the freshness of your brisket, orders received Thursday and Friday are shipped the following week. Your smoked meat is shipped in bubble wrap with a jell ice pack to keep it cool - your Dunn's Famous Montreal smoked meat arrives looking great!


And we always answer all email inquiries within 24 hours.


From all the praise we receive for our high level of customer service, it is obvious our buyers really appreciate it.

Order Dunn's Famous Montreal Smoked Meat in full confidence.  Your payments are processed by PayPal using the latest encryption software, and your privacy is stringently guarded and respected - see our Privacy Policy. Your smoked meat order will normally be processed and shipped within 24 hours of your order.


Order Dunn's Famous Montreal Smoked Meat - and make your next meal a Montreal treat!


Restaurateurs - consider adding Dunn's Famous Montreal smoked meat to your menu. Contact us to arrange regular or on-demand deliveries.







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